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I help you launch and grow and protect your brand using proven strategies that work!

Auntie Donna Brown 

About Me

Auntie Donna Brown 

Meet Auntie Donna BrownⓇ, an Executive Leader, Federal Attorney, and Business Strategist with over 30 years of experience driving change within both private and public sectors. She is fueled by a deep passion for educating and mentoring creators and educators, sharing her expertise at the Los Angeles College and SCORE.

As the Founder of Always ResourcefulⓇ, LLC, Donna is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in strategically building their brands. Her extensive experience enables her to adeptly solve issues that commonly arise in business, legal, or economic contexts. She now focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to transform their businesses into digital assets that appreciate from the beginning, starting with domain name selection and culminating in federal trademark investment.

Having retired in 2020, Donna's current mission is to serve as a Business Strategist and Federal Trademark Lawyer, sharing her vast resources and knowledge with others. She firmly believes everyone should have the opportunity to achieve the American dream of owning a business and becoming an entrepreneur.

In her community, Donna is affectionately known as Auntie Donna Brown, a moniker earned through her generosity in sharing knowledge, resources, and her valuable network of contacts with others. She is enthusiastic about guiding clients in identifying, growing, and safeguarding their unique brand names and domains.

One of Donna's core principles is to be a reliable resource for her clients. She may not have all the answers, but she is always ready to refer them to the right experts who can help resolve their problems and turn their dreams into reality.

Trademark Attorney Auntie Donna Brown

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